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Zobha Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30 With UVA & UVB Protection

Zobha Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30 With UVA & UVB Protection

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Zobha Mineral Sun Protection Formula

Pro Active Mineral lotions that offer Hypoallergenic UVA/UVB broad spectrum Sun protection for every kind of fun under the sun, under the water everywhere.

Lightweight breathable formula -

Non-greasy feel won't weigh you down & easy to rub in.


  • Zobha Sunscreen stays on in the sun, pool water, ocean water, wind, sweat, sand and extreme heat.
  • Water-resistance to stand up against sweaty days or time spent swimming.
  • Heads up: There’s no such thing as waterproof or sweatproof sunscreen.
  • Under current FDA guidelines, there are only “water-resistant for 40 minutes” or “water-resistant for 80 minutes” options.
  • Forget about reapplying every two hours: Instead, heed the water-resistance time on the bottle and layer the product on more frequently when swimming, sweating or toweling off.


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