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Urban Decay

Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Gel

Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Gel

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Inspired by our bestselling glitter eye gel from the early 2000s, Heavy Metal Glitter Gel is back. Now you can spread a heavy dose of glitter all over your eyes, face, and body—think of it as ultra-sparkly, disco ball bling-in-a-tube. Our super-pigmented, high-coverage formula suspends hyper-reflective glitter in a non-sticky, water-based gel.

Heavy Metal glides on easily with a brush or your fingertips, and it stays put for up to 9 hours with minimal fallout—wherever the night or morning-after takes you.

Just like any diehard beauty junkie, we love adding a bit (or a ton) of sparkle to any of our makeup looks. Glitter isn’t biodegradable, so when it comes to end-of-the-night removal, we do so responsibly.

When removing Heavy Metal Glitter Gel from the face and eyes, soak a cotton round with your favorite makeup remover. Press to eye area, wipe off, and throw into the trash. This is the safest and most responsible way to keep glitter from entering the ocean or water system. After you’ve removed most traces of glitter, shower and wash your face guilt-free.

Urban Decay is 100% cruelty-free.

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