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Too faced

Too Faced Italian Spritz Eye Shadow Palette

Too Faced Italian Spritz Eye Shadow Palette

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Transport yourself to Lake Como, Italy (without the airfare) with this sparkling fresh eye shadow palette inspired by our favorite summer cocktail!

Inspired by the sparkling fun & kiss of sweetness you get from a refreshing Italian Spritz! Can’t go on vacation? This palette is the next best thing!

Gluten Free
Mineral Oil Free
Paraben Free


18 Sparkling Shades:
R1, S1 – Holy Cannoli – Light Salmon Pink Matte
R1, S2 – Ciao, Bellini! – Soft Peachy-Orange Gold Shimmer Metallic
R1, S3 – When In Rome. - Watermelon Pink Matte

R1, S4 – Take Me To Church – Soft Rose Gold Metallic
R1, S5 – Feelin’ Saucy – Terracotta Matte
R1, S6 – Lake Como – Sky Blue & Silver Shimmer

R2, S1 – Toasted In Tuscany – Soft Brown Matte
R2, S2 – Cin Cin! – Warm Bronze Metallic
R2, S3 – Spritz & Glitz – Purple, Pink, & Blue Shimmer

R2, S4 – Spaghett About It – Burnt-Orange Brown Matte
R2, S5 – Grappa Don’t Preach – Vibrant Gold Metallic
R2, S6 – Espresso Yourself – Cool Red Brown Matte

R3, S1 – Lake & Bake – Midnight Blue Metallic
R3, S2 – Capri Fun – Muted Pumpkin Rust Matte
R3, S3 – Mamma Mia – Purple Wine Matte
R3, S4 – Como After Dark – Smokey Gunmetal With Pearl Swirl Effect Metallic

R3, S5 – Impasta-ble – Medium Light-Yellow Brown Matte
R3, S6 – Gelat-ohhh! – Warm Cream Matte

Smells like a summer spritz!

Category: Makeup

Name of Mfg / Brand: Estée Lauder Companies

Address of Mfg / Brand: Estée Lauder Companies INC,767,fifth Avenue,New York,10153,United States of America

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