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TIGI Bed Head Wax Hair Stick

TIGI Bed Head Wax Hair Stick

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Brought to you by TIGI bedhead, the world’s leading professional haircare brand which is by hairdressers, for Hairdressers. TIGI bed head stick is a hair stick for all cool people giving them an instant texture and hold for their hair. It is soft and pliable leaving no build up. It contains castor oil which conditions and moisturises hair, beeswax which helps to create texture and Japan wax which creates texture and control. It also has a soothing fragrance of lavender which keep hair smelling fresh all day. This is a styling wax suitable for all hair types. How to use the TIGI bed head stick. Step 1: Apply to dry or damp hair for short hair 2 to 3 inches in length apply in a circular motion over entire head. Shape to achieve a tufty, spiked look. For mid to long hair lengths, apply from mid shaft to ends to create a great look. You must have a sense of humour to use our products. TIGI bedhead has a vast range of professional products that include shampoos, conditioners and a large styling range. TIGI was conceived by the 4 mascolo brothers providing them with the liquid tools to style and finish their hairstyles. Linked to urban culture with trends derived from the street, the bed head brand’s pick and mix philosophy is synonymous with youth.

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