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Tapveda Keratin Treatment Hair Spa Mask

Tapveda Keratin Treatment Hair Spa Mask

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Deep Conditioning Mask Treatment for coarse, hard to manage damaged hair. A perfect balance of all natural extracts that together improve hair's texture, softness, adding hydrolyzed keratin forms a protective film to shield out the outer damaging causes. It restores and conditions weak, damaged, and over processed hair. This premium quality restorative hair care product contains a balance of all natural extracts that promotes improved texture, softness, manageability and shine.

  • RESTORING HAIR DAMAGE FROM WITHIN: Say goodbye to dry and frizzy hair days! Our Hair Keratin Treatment Mask is specially formulated to nourish deeply, repair, and strengthen the hair, leaving them healthy, soft, and shiny after application. It protects and shields the hair from breakage and damage, reducing the split ends for a more radiant-looking and beautiful version of you.
  • LONG LASTING DEEP HYDRATION FROM ROOT TO TIP: Maximize this hair repair mask's healing power against dryness and hair damage. It deeply hydrates the hair from roots to tips infusing proteins to the innermost layer. Sensoveil and Serasil lipids reorganize the cuticles, improving separation and providing excellent sensory performance and cationic nanoparticles replace protein mass and protect damaged cuticles.
  • NATURAL & SAFE TO USE: We use natural vitamins and minerals to formulate this hair repair treatment that recovers and reverses any damage done to the hair from being bleached, colored, and chemically treated, helping it to bring a brand new life. We made sure that our keratin mask doesn't contain sulfate, paraben, or formaldehyde and is cruelty-free to give you products that do not cause any harmful effects on the hair. We never test on animals.
  • SUITABLE TO ALL TYPES OF HAIR & MULTIFUNCTIONAL: Our dry hair mask is effective on all hair types. A therapy session hair mask, it improves the performance, look and flexibility of hair. This keratin hair mask offers many functions including hair restructuring, immediate perceived sensory, conditioning, brightness, deep nutrition, strength and resistance, absolute reversal of hair damage, fiber recovery and sealing, protein mass replacement, normalization of hair cuticles.

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