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Swati Cosmetics

SWATI cosmetics colored lens solution

SWATI cosmetics colored lens solution

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Once you've found your favourite, make sure the colour stays on point, to keep that flirty feeling! With SWATI Multi-Purpose Lens Solution, your coloured lenses remain fresh and comfortable. So that you can relax and look your best at all times.


Pack Contains: 1 Lens Solution Bottle

What makes it special:


  • Suitable for: All types of coloured and soft contact lenses.


  • Long lasting colour: The pH-balanced (7.4 ± 0.4) multi-purpose solution is an all in one solution ideal for disinfecting, cleaning, storing and hydrating all soft and coloured contact lenses. This product maintains the colour of your lenses for longer durability.


  • Offers increased eye comfort: Contains high-quality hyaluronic acid that contributes to increased eye comfort with protecting, healing and moisturising qualities. It continuously promotes healthy cell renewal and reduces the risk of irritation or inflammation.

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