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Roots Professional

Roots Hair Comb 38

Roots Hair Comb 38

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  • Roots Comb 4 is big fine teeth comb designed for groomimg long fine straight hair.
  • Unlike ordinary combs, Roots combs are handcrafted from a single piece of material (cellulose acetate),
  • hence these combs do not cause allergic reactions and create less stactic.
  • Roots combs have soft rounded teeth that do not scratch the scalp
  • but stimulate natural oils in the hair to nourish the hair follicles to encourage faster growth and healthier hair.

Ordinary Combs have sharp edges that damage the cuticle, roughen the scales and cause unhealthy split hair. In fact, such combs actually undo treatments of even the best shampoos!

Roots Combs have rounded teeth that massage the scalp and stimulate natural oils in the hair cuticle. This keeps scales smooth, so hair stays strong and healthy. Always and only use a Roots comb and hair brush. Then watch your hair bounce back to life.

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