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Revlon Colorstay One-Stroke Defining Eyeliner Kajal

Revlon Colorstay One-Stroke Defining Eyeliner Kajal

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Your eyes speak a million words about the kind of woman you are. The revlon colorstay one-Stroke defining eyeliner is a unique cosmetic product designed for the ambitious, charismatic woman. The strongly pigmented pencil eyeliner draws effectively with a single stroke, creating strong, distinct lines with precision. The pencil lead is structured with a new silicone gel structure formula that is silky soft on your delicate skin and works smoothly against your lash line to create clean, accurate lines that redefine your eyes and give them an enviably elegant, classy look. The eyeliner produces rich, pure colour that simulates the classic kohl effect and yet, looks trendy and chic against almost any outfit. The soft core of the revlon one-Stroke defining eyeliner pencil glides easily against your skin producing the darkest colour and can be applied conveniently even to the inner rim of your eye lids. The special formula is surprisingly long-lasting and extremely comfortable to carry for long hours. This water-resistant eyeliner is smudge proof, smear-free and does not fade away easily, making it an effective solution for daily wear in all seasons. The plastic casing adds to the attractive packaging of the product and protects the soft core from damage or wearing out easily.

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