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Premium Skin Cottage

Premium Skin Cottage Bath+Scrub Body Bath 1000 ml

Premium Skin Cottage Bath+Scrub Body Bath 1000 ml

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  • Soft and Smooth Skin: This shower gel is embued with sea minerals and Vitamin E extracts that provide a nourishing experience, keeping your skin healthy, vibrant and pampered. On regular use, the texture of your skin will perk up and remain that way for much longer
  • Anti Bacterial: Enable protection to your skin against germs and harmful particles like bacteria, dust and dirt. The shower gel will ensure to provide utmost protection to the skin by creating a layer and fighting against bacteria
  • Pleasant fragrance: The Sea Mineral extracts provide an aquatic Oceanus fragrance whose essence perks you up, giving you that vibrant edge to conquer the day ahead
  • Ph Balance: This Skin Cottage Oceanus Shower Gel contains sea mineral extracts and other skin rich ingredients which helps in maintaining the pH balance of the skin. A good pH balanced skin is evidently healthy looking and always stands out being soft and irresistable to the touch
  • Revives Skin: Turn back the clock on your skin by completely ridding it of dullness and blackheads. This is formulated to soothe your body while washing away all the pesky impurities to give back the natural silky smooth finish of your younger self

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