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PRAUSH (Formerly Plume) Rose Super Soft Flat Front Sponge

PRAUSH (Formerly Plume) Rose Super Soft Flat Front Sponge

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Rose Super Soft Flat Front Sponge is an ultra-versatile blending tool having a unique 3 point shape which gives ultimate precision, smooth and even application of cream, liquid or powder products. The Flat Front top is ideal for quick & smooth application of the product, to cover & blend the larger areas of the face and to contour around your eyes and nose while the precision tip does wonders over face areas that are hard to reach like inner corner of the eyes, sides of nose etc leaving you with an even skin tone that's smooth, enhanced, and stunning! It is super soft, light, fluffy, squishy and porous - just the perfect sponge to give you a very natural, airbrushed look at a go. Rose Super Soft Flat Front Sponge can be used as damp or dry for dewy or matte finish seamless look. It almost doubles in size when used as wet and can be also used for contouring, highlighting, concealing etc. with cream as well as powder products.

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