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Oceglow LIP MASK 8g

Oceglow LIP MASK 8g

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First things first, let’s make one thing clear: masks and balms are not the same! Lip masks are formulated to stay even longer than your favourite lip balms for a serious dose of TLC. And despite their reputation as a winter affliction, our lips take a beating no matter the season, and we can all agree that they are the absolute worst!

No matter how basic your beauty routine may be, you’ll always have a sweet spot for a lip balm in your lineup, and let’s face it, even as beauty and skincare fans, we've all been guilty of leaving our lippies high and dry. Yes, yes, we know that while you already have a stockpile of them stashed across your house and in all the bags, a fitting lip treatment can make all the difference.

Taking a cue from that, we introduce the Océglōw Lip Mask, which oozes a special breed of intensely conditioning formulas that are vegan and clean in nature to seal in moisture and work overtime for 12-hour-long hydration. This restorative lip treatment gives naturally plump, pillowy-soft lips, day or night. With a slew of soothing blends of Olive, Argan, Rosehip, and Raspberry Seed oils, this will leave your lips feelin' like a baby's skin. Not only will they deeply hydrate those chapped lips of yours, but they also make a great addition to the top of a lipstick.


  • A lightweight, non-sticky texture
  • Offering a plumping effect
  • 12-hour-long hydration

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