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Natasha Denona

Natasha Denona Sunrise Palette

Natasha Denona Sunrise Palette

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Rise from the embers like the bold and empowered phoenix you are, with the Natasha Denona Sunrise Palette. Created by internationally renowned makeup artist, Natasha Denona, the shades range from sultry pinks, chocolatey browns to buttery yellows, evoking images of sugar-dusted candies with surprise centres. Make your eyes glow like shooting comets in the night and create a memorable impression wherever you go.

Create molten, smouldering looks with Duo Chrome formulas, that gleam like the scales of a fire breathing dragon. Real crushed Pearls offer a glint that shines like melted metal. Multiple textures within the Metallic formulas mean that a brand new and exciting pay-off can be achieved each time, such as melted Foil effect, Satin smooth and, finally, Sparkling. Sparkling Metallic is made unique by the addition of more real crushed Pearls, making your eyelids gleam like wet glass. Finally, Denona’s signature Creamy Matte blends into a velvety texture, with intense colour payoff.

Cruelty free and vegan. 

Shades (L>R):

Row 1:

Poppy (Metallic plum with dark undertones)

Citrine (Creamy Matte canary yellow)

Phlox (Metallic plum mauve with golden undertones)

Awakening (Duo Chrome peachy copper with lilac undertones)

Laurel (Metallic champagne with golden undertones)


Row 2:

Aster (Duo Chrome iridescent lilac with icy glitter)

Glory (Creamy Matte fuchsia with plum undertones)

Azalea (Duo Chrome copper with pink glittery undertones)

Morgan (Creamy Matte true peach)

Agate (Metallic prosecco with yellow undertones)


Row 3:

Clove (Creamy Matte deep red wine)

Carnelian (Creamy Matte bold saffron orange)

Jasper (Creamy Matte ginger with red undertones)

Morning (Creamy Matte sand with pink undertones)

Day Spring (Metallic bronze with golden undertones)

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