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Milk Shake

Milk_Shake silver shine shampoo

Milk_Shake silver shine shampoo

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It is a delicate hair cleanser that contains 50% less pigment than the original shampoo for more moderate pigmentation. Helps neutralize unwanted yellow or brassy tones moderately.combines the benefits of purple pigment, organic berry extracts, milk proteins and Integrity 41® to maintain blond, grey or white hair color. The reduced percentage of violet pigment compared to the original milk_shake silver shine shampoo, makes milk_shake silver shine light shampoo neutralize unwanted yellow or brassy tones moderately: ideal for those people who want a balanced, cool blond. For best results combine with  and/or milk_shake silver shine whipped cream. SLES free. The fragrance in the silver shine range is a gorgeous gourmand experience: the head notes of blueberryblackberry and raspberry blend with floral heart notes. The base notes are made of sweet musky tones that leave a delicate fragrance on the hair.

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