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Milagro Beauty

Milagro Beauty Natural Underarm Gel 50Gm

Milagro Beauty Natural Underarm Gel 50Gm

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  • NATURALLY COOLING: This underarm gel is infused with aloe vera extracts that helps to soothe inflamed skin and offers a natural cooling effect while eliminating the bad odor. Have astringent properties too that helps to lighten the underarms.
  • GOODNESS OF PAPAYA & TOMATO: Papaya and tomato are the two lightening and brightening ingredients in this underarm gel. Just like lemon, these also consist of bleaching properties that naturally help in reducing discoloration.
  • ALUMINIUM-FREE FORMULA: As the name suggests, this natural underarm gel is loaded up with the natural goodness of ingredients like aloe vera, papaya, tomato, amla, neem, etc; there are no harmful components present in this.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & EASY ABSORPTION: Adapting a lightweight nature, it just glides onto the skin and absorbs in seconds lowering the pH levels in the underarm region and offering you whiten, brighten, odor-free underarms.

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