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Love Earth

Love Earth Collagen Boosting Toner With Aloe Vera Extracts

Love Earth Collagen Boosting Toner With Aloe Vera Extracts

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Love Earth Collagen Boosting Toner improves the skin's ability to retain moisture. This collagen toner cleanses, nourishes and brightens your skin tone by reducing scars and tightening the pores, leaving it smooth and silky.Love Earth makes products of 100% organic collagen along with the enhancement of aloe vera extracts, which helps maintain the glow and nourishment of your skin to the fullest.


  • This collagen boosting toner increases the amount of collagen in your skin so that it appears youthful and supple
  • Enriched with aloe vera extract, glycerine and hydrogenated castor oil
  • It's a must-have in any skincare regimen, this toner has anti-aging characteristics that are unique
  • It improves skin elasticity and firmness
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, improves skin tension
  • Sagging is actively reduced, resulting in radiant complexion

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