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Kay Beauty

Kay Beauty HD Liquid Colour Corrector

Kay Beauty HD Liquid Colour Corrector

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  • Product Description

    Meet the most transformative makeup product that will seamlessly cover up all your skin concerns. The Kay Beauty HD Liquid Colour Correctors are here ... 

  • Peach shade neutralizes: Blue, green and purple hues on deeper skin tones. Use it to: Cancel dark circles and signs of fatigue.
  • Green shade neutralizes: Red. Use it to: Conceal acne and breakouts.
  • Yellow shade neutralizes: Blue and purple hues. Use it to: Conceal under-eye circles in light skin tones and highlight.
  • Lavender shade neutralizes: Brightens yellow tones. Use it to: Cover old bruises and dull complexion

    Feature Benefits:
  • Color corrector with a medium to high buildable coverage
  • Gives a HD matte finish
  • Lightweight and second skin feel
  • Creaseless and seamless finish
  • Extreme hydration and long wearing formula
  • Airy blendable formula
  • Paraben and Paraffin-free
  • Cruelty-free product

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