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Forever 52

Forever 52 Artist 42 Pcs Brush Set - X062

Forever 52 Artist 42 Pcs Brush Set - X062

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This 42 Pieces Brush set is a professional kit engineered for makeup artists & pro artists. It is perfect for applying, blending, and shading all types of makeup products such as liquids, powders, or creams. Convenient for daily makeup use, it is easy to achieve a professional and elegant makeup look. This set consists of essential make-up brushes for a flawless makeup application, including brushes for lips, face, and eye make-up.


  • For professionals as well as makeup lovers.
  • Consists of the eye, face, and lip brush.
  • Perfect to complete any makeup look.

How To Use:

Use these brushes to apply and blend liquid, powder, or cream-based makeup products. Clean them gently after each use.

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