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Estee Louder Revitalizing Supreme+ Youth Power Creme

Estee Louder Revitalizing Supreme+ Youth Power Creme

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Your skin can have it all: Firmness. Strength. Radiance. And a new, more lifted look. All in a supremely indulgent texture.
With 99% naturally derived Hibiscus Morning Bloom and exclusive Moringa Extracts, you'll empower your skin to reveal its youth potential. The results are noticeable:
• 89% said skin looks more lifted.(1) 
• 95% said skin feels firmer.(2) 
• 87% said facial lines and wrinkles(1)--as well as neck lines(3)--look reduced.
• 93% agreed skin looks radiant and feels stronger, hydrated, nourished.(2) 


Exclusive Hibiscus Morning Bloom Extract

Nature at its most powerful. Estée Lauder scientists discovered that Hibiscus sinensis flowers harvested early in the day hold the highest collagen-boosting activity. So we gather hand-selected blooms in the morning for peak potency, then-in a process that takes 83 days from harvest to manufacture-create our extract that helps powerfully encourage skin's natural collagen.

Exclusive Moringa Extract

Often referred to as the "miracle tree," Moringa is one of the most effective Youth Power ingredients we've ever discovered. Our extract, created through an exclusive, patent-pending process, supports a powerful protein, helping skin empower multiple anti-aging pathways.

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