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Casmara Unisex Treatment Facial Kit - Skin Sensations Treatment

Casmara Unisex Treatment Facial Kit - Skin Sensations Treatment

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It is a complete facial treatment, which provides all the essential elements for the proper functioning of the skin (water, minerals, vitamins, etc.) it gives a revitalizing boot that other cosmetic treatments cannot. In itself it is a true beauty cure. It consists of 24 Karat Gold dust mask that Nourishes and revitalises the skin as it induces the incorporation of mineral nutrients in it.

Results: -

• Restores the skin hydrolipidic layer giving uniformity life to the skin.

• Prevents and reduces the first sign of ageing: fine wrinkles, expression lines.

• Improves the skins functions recovering a natural healthy aspect

• Quickly recovers hydration, tone, and natural glow of the dermal tissue, resulting in a radiant, luminous and revitalized cutis.

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