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Casmara Nourishing Massage Cream

Casmara Nourishing Massage Cream

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Casmara Nourishing Massage Cream is a special massage cream suitable for the face. It boasts anti-aginig action. Suitable for very dry skin.

Cream Properties

  • for face
  • massage cream
  • with vitamins and minerals
  • for dry skin

Casmara Nourishing Massage Cream

A special way of pampering the face can be a massage. Often in the instructions for applying classic care creams we can read the advice that the cream should be rubbed with massage movements. But you can also treat your face and skin just like that.

A special treatment allows you to use Casmara Nourishing Massage Cream. It is an exceptional massage cream that also has an anti-aging effect. The massage treatment will be perfected because of this cream, and additional care is provided.

The formulation of Casmara Nourishing Massage Cream is adapted to very dry and undernourished skin. It contains many vitamins and minerals that are essential for the natural production of collagen in the skin. Even avocado oil is added to make sure there is no moisture loss. Added vitamin F has a beneficial effect on skin elasticity.

Using the cream

Apply the cream to the face as needed and rub in with massage movements.

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