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Beardo Strong Hold Crystal Gel Wax

Beardo Strong Hold Crystal Gel Wax

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Beardo Strong Hold Crystal Gel Wax formulated fro men, contains natural ingredients that provide versatile styling, reduce hair fall, remove dead cells, reduce dandruff Hair Care.

Key Benefits

  • Gives a non-sticky hold.
  • Makes hair smooth and sleek.
  • Long hold formula.
  • Healthy natural ingredients.

Directions for Use

  • Take Some - Remove Beardo Crème Power Stying Wax out of the bottle. Make sure you only remove a little bit as appropriate for your hair length. You will learn within the first two times, how much that is.
  • Run it Through - Rub the wax thin between your fingers and palm. Make sure you get your hands slick with it. The wax should be reduced to such a thin layer that it is transparent.
  • Apply - Run your waxed-up hands through your hair front to back, and in any way you like. Get it all up in there! Make sure you have applied it as required on different parts. It will depend on the hair style you choose.
  • Style - Pick the best style that suits your mood for the day. Walk out of the house with a shining crown of your own choice! Beardo Crème Power Styling Wax is made for kings!

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