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Aureana Luminos Brightening Face Wash

Aureana Luminos Brightening Face Wash

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  • Luminos Brightening Face Wash has natural AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) that exfoliate and brighten the skin.
  • This face wash contains natural whitening ingredients that reduce melanin production.
  • This helps in stimulating new skin cells, making the skin look fresh and healthy. It also helps diminish discolouration and dark age spots leaving your skin smooth and hydrated.
  • Regular use of the Luminos Brightening Face Wash lightens your skin tone and restores the original lustre.
  • Product Features : Reduces dark spots and hyperpigmentation, Sheds dead skin cells and stimulates new ones, Keeps skin hydrated and smooth.
  • Ingredients : Natural Ahas (Alpha Hydroxy Acids), Alpha Arbutin Indications : Reduces Dark Spots, Hyperpigmentation,Stimulates New Skin Cells
  • Directions : Moisten Face. Take a small quantity and gently apply in circular motion. Wash off and pat dry.
  • Specialty : Paraben Free, 100% Veg, Dermatologically Tested,No sulfates, Hypoallergenic

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