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Adept Cosmetics

Adept Cosmetics Mink Eyeshadow palette

Adept Cosmetics Mink Eyeshadow palette

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  • A magnetic palette full of extremely sparkly shimmers, duochromes, one multichrome and one halo  - all of which consist of various textures. There are 2 matte shades included to compliment your look. 2.5 to 3 grams in each pan. 
  • Please note, these eyeshadows may appear to be glitters, however, this is a 100% glitter free eyeshadow palette with a unique, large sparkle formula. 
  • Minka is vegan and does not contain talc, glitter, oil or BHT.
  • Formula is creamy and will need to be kept in a cool, dry place to maintain the formula consistency once opened. Some shades are a gel cream mixture (not a typical powder eyeshadow) and may move around when in transit or when you touch it - this is normal.
  • Due to high amounts of shea butter in the shimmers, this formula may not be suitable for oily or sensitive eyelids. Please refer to the ingredient list below. There will be creasing and there may also be "shimmer fallout" .To help with both issues, a good eye primer is recommended.  High amounts of shea butter in the eyeshadow cause a natural "nut" smell or something similar. This is normal.  We do not use any type of "masking fragrance" to cover this odor. Please also be sure that you do not have an allergy to shea butter prior to purchase. 
  • May stain the skin. An oil based makeup remover is highly recommended for this formula. 
  • The shimmers work best when applied with the fingers vs. a brush. 
  • This palette has a mirror and eyeshadow base protector that needs to be removed in order to function properly. The outer packaging is made of 35%, vegan, faux leather. When you open the box, there may be a chemical smell from the packaging. This smell is a UV coat that we used to protect the "leather" and will fade over time. Please refer to the "what is upcycling" tab for more details. 
  • Note: variations in color settings, lighting and qualities of phone/tablet/computer screens, etc. may cause colors to appear different in person. Duochromes and multichromes may appear differently on the skin versus what's in the pan. Please use our product photos as a reference guide only. 
  • Minka Bundle includes four face palettes and one Minka palette. See photo. 
  • Please be sure of your purchase as this item is not refundable.  

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